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Take the leap this leap year

Hello everyone and welcome to Sam’s Corner. My name is Samantha Flavell and I’m a marketing associate here at Boone Logic.

Sam’s Corner is a place in our monthly newsletter for me to share a little insight, a few tips, and a bit of my personality with you all to hopefully enjoy and learn from.

Today I want to talk about passions and follow-through. The digital world is a realm of contradictions, you find amazing communities full of insight and support but you also run into a lot of those stereotypical internet trolls that spew insults and negativity. Whether you’re a social media strategist or the owner of your own business, you probably at one time or another have battled with self-doubt and fear over trying something new. And you’re not alone!

All of us get sparks of inspiration whether they be a new take on a traditional method or something entirely new. 

And while the initial excitement may be to test your theory immediately you wouldn’t be alone if you admitted that you sent an idea to storage a time or two for fear of it failing miserably or falling prey to the attack of internet trolls.

This month, I want to challenge you all to fight back against that doubt and take a chance on your ideas. If you have a true passion and excitement behind a concept, whether it be for new digital content, a new product, or whatever else, that is already setting you in the right direction for success.

I have to warn you though, it won’t be easy and you’ll have to consistently fight the doubt and fear of failure and then you still just might fail. But if you don’t at least try then you’ll never know whether you would have succeeded or not.

I’m a contract employee with Boone Logic but I’m also the co-founder and co-host of an entertainment podcast. That idea started with a simple conversation with a long-time friend and has flourished into more than 2 seasons worth of content and stories that we are incredibly proud of. Now, the podcast isn’t a viral success by any means and we’re continuing to learn and grow with every single episode. 

But we’re doing it and we’re growing.

Not every idea is an instant success. Be prepared for failures, slow starts, and a little bit of discouragement. But don’t let that stop you from making your idea a reality. Just because a concept needs a little more time and a lot of hard work doesn’t mean it isn’t worth pursuing.

So, do you have an idea born of inspiration? Have you been hemming and hawing over trying something new? If so, I really want to encourage you to take that leap. It is a leap year after all so what better time to believe in yourself and try something new.

And if you need a little help getting started or staying on track along the way we have a great team here at Boone Logic of friendly and knowledgeable individuals who would be more than happy to help support your dream. Just visit to reach out and learn more.

And be sure to check out the downloadable resource attached to this audio blog for some getting-started tips and tricks that will help you bring your next inspired idea to fruition.

Happy leaping!

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