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Samantha (Sam) Flavell
Marketing Associate

Hi, I'm Faith Boone!

I am a writer and a lifelong learner. 
I am a loyal and dedicated individual.
I value meaningful work that makes an impact.
My work ethic is strong and focused.
I am a determined, strategic, and empathetic leader.
I face adversity with perseverance and resilience. 
I am passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion.
I want to make a difference.


The above is the best summary I can give as to who I am as a professional.

As the founder and lead consultant for Boone Logic, my niche is helping organizations identify and implement new ways to engage, amplify, and retain their target audiences.


Attention to detail, SEO, and producing engaging content are always at the top of my mind when writing anything, especially blogs and other forms of social media. It's not about how big your following is; it's about how much that following believes in what you're offering. I'm excited to discuss how I can use my array of skills to elevate your products, services, and audience management.

I've always had a passion for writing and graphic design. Now, I am available to take on more opportunities to use my writing, creativity, and innovation to make an impact. Email to learn more.


Elvie May B. Mangohig I
Marketing Assistant

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