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Strategic Marketing

How do you know what kind of marketing plan your company needs? The amount of research and planning that can go into crafting a successful strategic marketing plan can be time-consuming and costly. Boone Logic can come in and handle the research and result reporting to pinpoint the best channels for your business. 


The campaigns our team derives for your strategic marketing plan will outline the story Boone Logic will tell about your business. We then take the details of your narrative to craft goals for your marketing plan, focusing on the main initiatives outlined in the storytelling. Social media, print, and email marketing campaigns are all created based on this information to ensure it correlates with what the business wants to convey, as well as what its customers want.


Special Details

> Free consultations come with a brief strategic marketing deck to show how we get you started!

> Pricing varies depending on the level of research involved in drafting a strategic plan

> Package deals with strategic marketing services available


We plan:

  • How to tell your story to the target audience

  • Specific marketing goals for success

  • Ways to Amplify your Marketing

  • Campaign development & implementation

  • Rollout timeline with deadlines for materials

  • Analytics tracking and reporting

  • Important dates to meet with the client to discuss results and next steps

  • …and more!

Strategic Marketing services also include:

  • Marketing audit

  • Brand audit

  • Analytics reporting

  • Project management

  • …ask about more!

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