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Captivate, Connect, Convert: Capturing Great Video Moments for Social Media

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Hi there. My name is Faith Boone, and I am the founder of Boone Logic. Today I'm going to be talking about videos, I'm going to be talking about video testimonials, snippets, reflections, pretty much any sort of short clip video that you can use for social media. You could also use it for your websites, you can even use it in your email marketing.

What impact do videos have?

I want to talk to you about these videos because, in my experience, I have found that this is not only a great way to help your clients promote themselves, but also for you to promote your own business. It's a great way to get to know other people, get to know their stories, and find a great outlet to share stories when we're talking about these different types of videos.

For example, video testimonials are typically customers sharing their positive experiences with products or services. I have done those, I've also sat down with people, and have them offer me their reflections on what it's been like to work with an organization, what it's been like for them to go through a certain process.

All of these different types of videos are firsthand accounts of people giving real-life stories and experiences, giving real-life tales about what has happened to them. And when you gather this kind of content, and you'll hear me use the word content a lot over our blogs, when you gather this kind of content, it can tell a great story. 

Asking the right questions

If you know anything about my background, you know that I am a journalist at heart. I started off as a journalist in 2010, and even still today, I freelance. One thing that I will share that I have found to be so helpful when doing any sort of video, whether it be a testimonial or reflection, or an op-ed piece, is to ask great questions. 

When you know the right questions to ask, you will get the best story, something I really pride myself on is coming up with questions that you know, you come up with your typical questions. But then you also come up with those questions that go a little further, that dig a little bit deeper, I can give you an example, from talking to someone about why they decided to visit a restaurant or why they decided to purchase a product from one of my clients, I want to know what is that going to do for you? What is that product or service going to do to change your life? That gets people thinking a little bit more. 

And it's not necessarily trying to think of some super far-fetched question to ask. It's really just trying to get to know the person and who they are and why they're doing what they're doing. When you can get people to share a little bit more and dig a little bit deeper into their story, that's when you can create a video that is going to resonate with a wider audience, with a bigger audience. 

Connect to the audience

These videos will sometimes pull at people's heartstrings, sometimes they will just make people want to engage because they've felt the same thing. Or they understand where the person is coming from. 

So it's almost like when I'm interviewing people, I really want to pull out those human interest points to get the audience to relate. I want my audience to see themselves and what's going on. I want the audience to be able to have a better idea of how that product or service could help them as well. And I think that that's really important to make sure that you're asking the right questions so that you can get the deepest answers.

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