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Top Marketing Trends of 2023

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Author: Faith Boone

Marketing in 2023 is all about visuals and sound. I’ve noticed more businesses becoming interested in immersing themselves in TikTok, updating their websites aesthetically, and being intrigued by the idea of producing more video and audio material. We’re all looking for ways to catch our audience's attention, but now we want to focus on how to retain that attention for a longer amount of time. Here’s my logic.

Level Up Your Visuals

Your mission, vision, values, and other cultural aspects of your business can be turned into creative visuals that will interest your audience in learning more about your offerings. Simplistic infographics or images with cartoon characters resonate with audiences everywhere. Here’s an example from our client Healthy Lakewood Foundation:

A little color and organization can turn a written list into a simple graphic with high-quality value. Now, the values are more memorable and stand out on the webpage.

>> Tech Resource(s): Canva; Photoshop

Play Around with Audio and Graphic Movement

Most social networks have audio muted automatically, which may seem like a deterrent for using graphics with audio only instead of video. What CAN happen when using audio with a graphic is auto-captioning, which can entice the viewer to turn the audio on. You don’t have to have a video either; you can use a montage of images to create a video, or you can add simple movements to your graphics.

>> Tech Resource(s): Canva;

Join the TikTok Movement

It’s pretty much a full-time job, but breaking into the TikTok world is a great way to get your brand, products, and services noticed. TikTok is all about using the right visuals, audio, and text all together in a short amount of time for the viewer. It appeals to a variety of people because of its versatility and outlet for creativity. To be successful with TikTok, you have to be on your game every day. This is a platform where pumping out content continuously is a plus, and posting up to four times per day is considered average. TikTok recommends not posting a video shorter than 10 seconds, with 21 to 24 seconds being the sweet spot. Creators can create material that lasts up to 10 minutes on TikTok.

>> Tech Resource(s): Smartphone camera; ring light; Spotify; TikTok

Keep your eye out for new ways to present visuals and audio to your audience. Take a risk and try something new – start a podcast or create your own infographics. The resources referenced in this blog can help you get started with making some quality material for your website, social media, and email marketing.

There’s a lot more happening on the marketing front. Come back to our blog for more marketing, technology, and content development tips.

Looking for help with graphic design, starting a podcast, or video? Reach out to Boone Logic and request a quote!



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